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Workers Compensation Law FAQ

As a worker’s compensation lawyer in Harrisburg, York and Lancaster area of PA, I have been representing injured workers for 30 years and have litigated hundreds of workman’s compensation cases involving many types of injuries, including fatal ones. I have met union leaders, spoken with workers, and published articles in an effort to help the public get a clear view of how the system works and where it doesn’t work And I have heard about every kind of defense put forward by employers and insurers trying to deny, defeat, minimize or deflect cases like yours.

What have I learned about Worker’s Compensation Law that will help you? Here are some things you can do to help yourself if you are injured on the job and may need Worker’s Compensation representation:
  1. Always give prompt written notice to your supervisor that you were injured or hurt, describing what happened and when. Don’t wait until Monday to report an injury on Friday – the company may think you hurt yourself over the weekend.
  2. Seek medical attention promptly. If your company has a list of doctors, go at least at first to a doctor on the list.
  3. Always tell the complete truth. If you had a similar condition or injury in the past, include it in the history you give the doctor.
  4. Claims are denied, and potentially lost, if the insurer or judge thinks you are hiding something important.
  5. Never argue. This can be difficult, as you may be hurting and angry.
  6. Keep copies of every piece of paper that relates to your injury or treatment.
  7. Try your best to keep working. If the company offers you a light duty job that you are able to do, then do it. The law requires you to cut your own losses if you can, and you will look better in front of the judge.
  8. Never, ever, quit your job or retire from it without first talking to an attorney. Voluntary quits or retirements can end your right to wage loss benefits.
  9. Follow the doctors’ advice. Failure to follow-up or take prescribed medications without a good reason make your problem look less serious than it is.
  10. Continue to comply with your employer’s policies and procedures regarding calling in and documenting your absences.
  11. Don’t sign anything you do not understand. You can sign authorizations to release your medical and employment records; beyond that, consult a lawyer.

Conclusion: You want someone with the right knowledge, experience and integrity to handle your case – and it costs you nothing to have it reviewed. Call or email me today.

And here are some hard facts that are beyond your control, that are best left to your Workers Compensation lawyer:
  • Only doctors can give opinions in court regarding what caused your injury, and its effects on your ability to work.
  • Neither the insurance company nor your employer have a legal duty to explain your rights to you, or to act on your behalf.
  • Gratitude is in short supply. You may have been a perfect employee for 40 years, it doesn’t mean your claim will go unchallenged.
  • The most important factor in winning your case is you, reflected through your testimony.
  • There are costs and risks in all cases.
  • There is no money for your pain and suffering.
  • There are no cost of living increases.
  • Your employer can video you.

Conclusion: You want an expert Workman’s Compensation Lawyer in Harrisburg, York or Lancaster PA area with the right knowledge, experience and integrity to handle your Workman’s Compensation case – and it costs you nothing to have it reviewed. Call or email me today.

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