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Auto Accident Law FAQ

Choosing a lawyer to handle an accident case should be done with care, because the consequences are huge.

Driver error, intoxication, and other human factors cause more than 90% of collisions. Fortunately many collisions do not cause serious injury or death, but some do.

The proper handling of these serious cases involves multiple skills, and the right lawyer is not necessarily the one with a screaming TV ad who promises to be “aggressive.” Why? Preparation, knowledge and experience are the qualities that get results.

Most cases settle, but a lawyer must prepare with the assumption that it will not. In other words, each case must be prepared as if it is going to be tried. Every trial is a joint enterprise between you and your lawyer: mutual respect, clear communication and honesty about the strengths and weaknesses of your case are crit

Good health, the ability to go to work and enjoy recreation, family and life are things often taken for granted until they are interrupted or worse, taken away. Money cannot replace these things, yet it is the only medium of exchange the justice system allows us to use as compensation for those injured by the carelessness of others.

Here is my promise to you if you give me the opportunity to represent you:
A full, complete and honest evaluation of your case, after all necessary information is obtained and reviewed; a clear, understandable statement of your options, the range of potential outcomes, and the risks and advantages of trial; and effective representation at trial, with appropriate involvement of other experts who may be necessary for the best presentation of your claim.

There is no attorney fee charged for the evaluation of your case; and a fee is payable only if money is recovered on your behalf. All fee agreements are written and signed; fees are reduced in cases involving minors, or where it is clear that the accident was not your fault.

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